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INTER-TEL 3000 Phone System

INTER-TEL 3000 Phone System INTER-TEL 3000 Phone System INTER-TEL 3000 Phone System
INTER-TEL 3000 Phone System
INTER-TEL 3000 Central Control Unit

The Inter-tel 3000 Central Control Unit CCU

The CCU contains the system processor, power supply, optional power supply, connections for 8 telephones and 2 CO lines, remote programming and maintenance interface.

Inter-Tel 3000 System Pricing

Includes one Inter-Tel CCU base unit with 8 extension connections, 1 2-port CO line module for expansion to accept 2 incoming lines, 2 EncoreCX ECX1000 display telephones in color charcoal, and local system maintenance and programming software.

Intertel EncoreCX Voice Mail

Intertel 3000 Voice Mail

Inter-Tel Voice Mail module provides: remote access to voice mail message retrieval, 40 extension mailboxes, 10 phantom mailboxes, 20 group mailboxes with message indicator by group, general voice mailbox, Automated Attendant by day, night, and week end, customized courtesy services, call screening, name directory for callers calling into your system, and record a call.

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Inter-tel Warranty

The Inter-tel 3000 warranty is effective for eighteen (18) months from the date of purchase from the
Authorized Wholesale Distributor. Inter-Tel warrants that its products will, if delivered to the end user
in undamaged condition, be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal
use and service for the period set forth on the current warranty periods as published. During this
warranty period defective products may also be returned for repair and/or replacement.

Inter-Tel Multi-Line Cordless Phone  Model 1400

Intertel 3000 Cordless Phone

The Digital cordless phone has feature buttons built into the telephone to make phone system features not so difficult to operate.

Intertel 3000 Phones

Intertel 3000 Phones

EncoreCX digital telephones offer large, intuitive display menus, soft keys for one-touch feature activation, automatic headset detection, programmable keys with dual color red and green LED indicators, speaker phone operations and a parallel modem port. For additional features on each phone, click on the corresponding image below.

Intertel Line and Voice Modules

Intertel Line and Voice Modules

Additional lines and voice mail can be added by inserting small co line modules and voice mail modules.

Inter-tel Expansion Modules

You can add more telephones and CO/Trunk lines to the Inter-tel phone system by adding a ports module.

Inter-tel Refurbished Phones & Hardware

Inter-Tel Axxess Replacement Phones and Hardware.
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INTER-TEL 3000 Phone System