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INTER-TEL 3000 Expansion
You can add more telephones and CO/Trunk lines to the Inter-tel phone system by adding a ports module.

Inter-tel Expansion Ports Modules

Inter-tel 3000 Expansion Ports Modules

Up to four ports modules can be installed on the Intertel 3000.  Each ports module can support either two or four lines.  The ports module has connections for 8 telephones and slots too add either one or two CO Trunk modules with expansion to a maximum of 4 CO Trunk lines per ports module.

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Intertel EncoreCX BackPlane

Intertel 3000 BackPlane

The Intertel 3000 Backplane is required for the installation of expansion ports modules

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Intertel CO Expansion Module

Intertel 3000 CO Expansion Module

Adds the capability to add 2 lines to an existing Inter-Tel 3000 phone system to either the phone system CCU or Expansion Ports Modules

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Intertel EncoreCX Voice Mail

Intertel 3000 Voice Mail

Available in 3 different voice mail options depending on customer size and voicemail requirements for ports and storage time.  Option 1 is 2 ports X 5 Hours storage by default, Option2 is 4 ports X 10 hours storage, and Option 3 provides 8 ports X 20 hours storage

$525.00  -  $1349.00                                  add to cart 

Intertel T1 PRI Expansion Module

Intertel 3000 T1 PRI Expansion Module

The T1/PRI module supports up to 24 voice channels and adds the capability to add a T1 line or a PRI line to an existing Intertel 3000 phone System.

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Inter-tel Router Module

Inter-tel 3000 Router Module

The internet router module allows you to make your LAN connections to the internet through your phone system.  This convergence is voice and data is provided by the four-port hub, router and WAN connector module.

The internet router has: a 4-port hub, router, 10 BaseT connection for ADSL/Cable Modem.

Thee can be one internet router per phone system.

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A Fully Expanded 3000 System Looks Like This

A Fully Expanded 3000 System Looks Like This


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